10 Years After Sept. 11

Published on Sep 2nd, 2011 by Austin Keith | 0
10 Years After Sept. 11

Our web-only feature this month provides in-depth coverage of the 9/11 anniversary including the church’s position on the “war on terror” and the state of dialogue between the Catholic Church and Islam. Click here to read the special report.
Shortly after the tragic events that unfolded on Sept. 11, 2001, Sister of St. Joseph Diane Couture  of St. Augustine, Fla. was asked to created a stated glass memorial window in New York City to commemorate all of the men, women and children that were lost in the World Trade Center.  The window that you see above, was unveiled and dedicated during the remembrance ceremony on Sept. 11, 2002. The memorial window now stands as part of the National Shrine of St. Frances of Assisi Catholic Church on 135th W. 31st Street in lower Manhattan, N.Y.
Even From A Dark Night
A dark night consumes the world hidden in the disguise of soot, rubble
and torn flesh. Such pain! Who could endure it.
In a ball of fire evil proclaims it’s prevailing presence. All that is in it’s path
is consumed. Throwing humankind into a cavern of unknown certainty. Amidst
the rubble our world is changed forever. Out of the rubble an overpowering
light emerges. God’s light and healing rises to meet the challenge of the evil one.
God summons the depths of goodness upon the Earth. God sends His
Angels, “Comfort and Healing” to keep watch. The wind of change blows
across the land. The Holy Spirit is sent to embrace and consume the pain
and darkness that cover us. The wind of the Spirit heralds in the presence of
hope and healing. A New Day has Come!
In the light of this hope and in the dawning of a new day heroes emerge
proclaiming God’s presence on the Earth.
Everyday heroes transformed into wounded healers, called to meet the
challenges of such a dark and painfilled night
called from every walk of life to journey out of the darkness in order
to herald in the light of a New Day!
Sister Diane Couture, SSJ