1st Sunday in Advent

Published on Nov 27th, 2011 by Austin Keith | 0

We now enter into our Advent Season with the mandate from the Lord Jesus to remain in “watchful” anticipation for the master’s return. We are told to remain sober with our eyes and ears open awaiting our God. These words echo the very same admonition that we hear from Isaiah (our first reading) that tells this people ; “no ear has ever heard, no eye has ever seen,” any God but the Lord, our Heavenly Father. The obvious challenge for us, however, is not to get so involved in the shopping madness that we fail to remember that this Season is about jesus, not Macy’s, Belk’s, Home Depot nor Publix! We are ago pay attention to what is really important; being present with those we love, the giving of our time and listening skills, to slow down enough to allow our eyes to catch the glimpse of Christ or hear (over hear), Jesus’ Words, to see him in the stranger in the check-out line!

Let us not miss this rich opportunity to celebrate God is alive in our world which is so often skewed with the violence of self-importance; the never-ending stubble to be in control and our need to feel that we and not God are in charge. let us stay vigilant in our watchful humility as our next breath truly depends on God.

God Bless,
Father John