3rd Sunday of Lent

Published on Mar 11th, 2012 by Austin Keith | 0

As we approach the half way mark on our Lenten journey, we participate in the centuries old
tradition of preparing our catechumens and candidates for full membership in our Catholic
Faith. Today, we approach the First Scrutiny with the basic question: “What is my soul thirsting
for?” Our 10:00 A.M. Liturgy celebrates this magnificent tradition with the Gospel from St. John
where Jesus is approached by the Samaritan woman asking for His precious gift of water.

Those of us who were baptized into the Catholic Faith as children, so often fail to remember
that our parents, through their faith, spoke for us by answering these important questions. For
those just becoming into full communion with our Catholic Faith, each speaks on his/her own
behalf. It is a beautiful tradition and quite moving. It again reminds us of the importance of our
faith and need for the precious gifts that come from the grace of our baptism.

I ask that you continue to keep these individuals in your prayers as they prepare for this most
important step on their faith journey.

God Bless