4th Sunday of Lent

Published on Mar 20th, 2012 by Austin Keith | 0

I can remember as a young child being taught to be kind to those who were less fortunate that I was. To be thankful for the things that God had given to me; to recognize that there were others that were born with different medical problems, some that through no fault of their own were born with many and various problems both physical and mental. So growing up with a mentally challenged relative or encountering a person of my age that spoke and acted differently, was just part of life. Challenge myself to look beyond the obvious to find the talents and generosity of the heart. That is a grand plan for a youngster. I’ll never forget one such peer that often we children taunted for being different, twisting our faced to mimic hers. My best friend’s mother told us to “stop making faces” in our teasing or our faces could end up just like “stuck” just like the person we taunted! Silly memories regarding real human beings struggling to exist with the gifts and infirmities of life.

Our Gospel from St. John, used as the backdrop of our 2nd Scrutiny, begins with a story of a poor man born blind. When the disciples asked the Lord Jesus “who sinned”? Jesus replied that sin was never part of His Father’s plan, the man was born blind in order “…that the works of God might be made visible through him.” Every person has a distinct place in God’s intricate plan for salvation.

As we continue our journey towards Holy Week, we, as our Catechumens and Candidates as asked to reflect on the question: “What keeps me blind?” Let us take this question to heart as we walk towards the Cross of Jesus on Good Friday.

God Bless
Fr. John