Don’t Miss the Local Celebration of World Youth Day 2011

Published on Aug 13th, 2011 by Austin Keith | 0

Don’t Miss the Local Celebration of World Youth Day 2011

In celebration of World Youth Day 2011, the Diocese of St. Augustine’s Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry is sponsoring a World Youth Day Mass and Concert for youth of the diocese.

The theme is “Rooted in Christ,” with the Mass and concert taking place at St. Joseph Academy in St. Augustine on Saturday, Aug. 20. Doors open at 10 a.m. Mass begins at 11 a.m. A lunch will be provided following the Mass and the concert, featuring Michael James Mette, will begin at 1 p.m. The concert will also feature a live broadcast from World Youth Day in Madrid. The celebration will end around 4 p.m. Tickets are only $15 and available through parish youth ministers by Aug. 15.

Several parishes are sponsoring free activities leading up to the local World Youth Day celebration. All youth in the diocese are welcome to attend these celebrations. On Monday, Aug. 15, Holy Spirit and Resurrection parishes are hosting a movie night at Holy Spirit Parish beginning at 7 p.m. Popcorn, candy, soda and water will be provided.


On Friday, Aug. 19 from 4 to 10 p.m., St. John the Baptist Parish in Atlantic Beach will host a game night. Teens can participate in a number of different games followed by adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and an outdoor Stations of the Cross.

For questions regarding these events or if your parish would like to host an activity during the week, please contact Sarah in the Youth and Young Adult Ministry office at (904) 262-3200, ext. 112 or email: To learn more about Michael James Mette, visit his website at

First-ever Virtual Pilgrimage to World Youth Day to Assist those ‘Staying Home’

Facebook application can be added to any fan page
900 people have already created avatars and joined pilgrimage
For the first time ever, individuals can make a virtual pilgrimage to World Youth Day (WYD) using a social media tool developed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Communications Department. USCCB has created a Facebook application and a website for non-Facebook users ( ) where individuals can create an avatar and use it to participate in the virtual pilgrimage. The application can be added to any Facebook fan page. A Google map provides visuals of where pilgrims are coming from throughout the world and another shows the pilgrims on a detailed map of Madrid.
Additionally, USCCB has created a Facebook fan page ( where virtual pilgrims can go to create their avatar, view live video feed from Madrid, follow key twitter feeds and blogs and upload photos and videos.
Those in Madrid also can contribute to the page from the event. USCCB staff present at the event will post content from Madrid. The page will also feature posts from a team of young adults and young adult leaders who will attend WYD and blog on behalf of the USCCB Secretariat of Cultural Diversity in the Church.
About 900 people already have created avatars and joined the virtual pilgrimage. World Youth Day 2011 will be held August 16-21, in the Spanish capital.For more information about the virtual pilgrimage or how to add the Facebook application to a fan page, please contact Catherine Panzica at