Fourth Sunday of Easter

Published on Apr 20th, 2013 by Austin Keith | 0

The shock and horror of the bombings in Boston this past week impacted us as a nation.  We wonder why people would do something so violent and so hateful and we search for answers.  Sadly, there is evil at work in the world and these acts of hatred and violence reflect that vividly.  Those who perpetrate these acts show no preference who they attack; men, women, children it makes no difference to them.  Whether it is an attack based on some ideology or an attack by someone who is has mental illness, the end result still brings pain and heartache and a yearning for justice.  We must be mindful, however, that it is justice we seek and not vengeance.  Vengeance can lead us to a very dark place and in the end leaves us unsatisfied.  Our Lord taught us how to handle those who persecute us and who are our enemies, “But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Mt. 5:44) That is hard isn’t it. To pray for those who perpetrated this act of violence and to love them seems impossible, but we know that nothing is impossible with Christ! From the Cross, he forgave those who were crucifying him. St. Stephen, the first martyr, begged the lord for mercy for those who were stoning him, those who were led by Saul.  Where would we be today if Saul did not become Paul because of the vengeance of the early Christians? As we are united to those who mourn and suffer the effects of this violence we allow this Easter Season to remind us of the hope we have in Christ. In his resurrection we find the strength to continue forward and to trust that all will be ok.  We also, from the “Cross” beg the Lord for forgiveness for the ones who “do not know what they are doing.” We ask the Lord to purge the darkness in their hearts that led them to commit this heinous act and to help them to see the error of their ways and to turn themselves in to make recompense for what they have done.  Let us above all continue to be united in prayer with our brothers and sisters in Boston and around the world for those who have suffered and continue to suffer.  May the hope and promise of the Resurrection give them solace and strength!

Father Jason