Fourth Sunday of Advent

Published on Dec 23rd, 2012 by Austin Keith | 0

Blessed are you who believed
that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled.”

Luke 1:45

On this last Sunday of Advent we reflect Mary. Not only do we hear in today’s gospel the second line of the Hail Mary, “blessed are you among women…”, but we also have a reason given for that blessedness.  Mary believed, she had faith in the words of God’s messenger. It was her belief that allowed her to open herself up to the Lord that he may do great things in and through her.  When we, like Mary, put our faith in the Lord and believe with our whole heart, the Lord will work in us, just as he worked in Mary.  The Lord is faithful and always fulfills his promises!

“Believe” is a word we hear a lot this time of year, but seldom is it directed toward God, but it is our belief in God that is at the very heart of this season!  Blessed are we, when we believe that what the Lord has spoken to us will be fulfilled!

May you all have a blessed and joyous Christmas Season!!
Father Jason