in Leadership


Contact: Jose Valverde – (386)445-2246

Pastoral Council

The Mission of the Parish Council shall be to serve and support the universal Mission of the Church; to promote the salvation of the people of God; and to spread the gospel message within the territory of this parish. The Council shall advise and support the pastor in all matters relating to the operation of the parish and actively take part in the planning and development of the Christian character of the community and to promote a spirit of ecumenism.

Contact: Don Overbey, Chairman – (815)501-3756,

Parish Finance Committee

This committee is responsible for reviewing monthly financial information pertaining to the operations of our church and school, and approves annual budgets for both. The committee also approves all major capital expenditures. The pastor appoints members of the Finance Committee.

Contact: Cliff Lewis – (386)445-4783,

Seton Hall

Contact: Cathy Hrickiewicz – (386)446-5450

Electronic Outreach

The Electronic Communications Team are lay volunteers that are devoting their knowledge and talents to assist the parish in providing information through various technology including website design and maintenance, social media, and more. The focus of the team is to improve and enhance communication. The team researches and suggests innovations to current systems and processes with final decisions coming from the Pastor.

Contact: Austin Keith – (904)610-2704