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Published on Nov 1st, 2012 by Austin Keith | 0
Joining the Bishops of Florida in their support of Amendments 6 and 8
on the November ballot, 
prominent leaders in Florida issue endorsements of
these two critical amendements to Florida’s Constitution.
Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida
“While Governor of Florida, I supported the passage of a constitutional amendment that allowed legislation requiring parents to be notified if their minor daughter is considering an abortion. With Amendment 6, Florida has the opportunity to restore parental consent for an abortion involving a minor child. Amendment 6 will also prohibit the use of public funds for an abortion except in cases of rape, incest or any condition  that would cause the death of a mother if an abortion is not performed. Our tax dollars must continue to assist those in need such as disabled children and the frail elderly. I encourage all Floridians to vote and vote ‘yes’ on 6.”
Regarding Amendment 8: “For decades, faith-based organizations have provided Floridians with access to high-quality public services including medical care, housing, food, after school programs, and disaster relief. These are basic services that serve Floridians in a time of need,” said Governor Bush. “To restrict these organizations from providing this service through government funding is nothing more than discrimination. I encourage all Floridians to vote ‘yes’ on 8 on election day.”

Marco Rubio, U.S. Senator and former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives
“These amendments promote life and liberty and I am proud to support them and I strongly encourage Floridians to vote in favor of each,” said Rubio. On Amendment 6, Sen. Rubio stated, “Regardless of whether one is pro-life or pro-choice, a strong majority is clearly united against the use of public funds for abortions.” With regard to Amendment 8, Sen. Rubio noted its passage “ensures continued delivery of crucial social services by faith-based organizations across the state.”

Jeff Atwater, Florida Chief Financial Officer
“Florida voters now have the opportunity to voice their opinion and to choose to protect religious freedom and moral tenets from infringement by state government,” Atwater said. “I support both of these protections and encourage Floridians to vote yes on Amendments 6    and 8.”

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For additional endorsements on Amendment 8, [click here].Catholic Association of Latino Leaders (CALL)
“Both amendments are critically important, not only to Hispanics in Florida, but also to all residents of the Sunshine state,” said Manny Garcia-Tuñon, Miami Chapter President of CALL.  “The passage ofAmendment 6 will prohibit the use of public funds for abortion with certain exceptions, matching Florida law with federal law – consistent with the desires of the majority of Americans

as demonstrated repeatedly in national polling results.”
The services protected by Amendment 8 “are by no means luxuries,
but services meeting the basic needs of many Floridians. This is a two-fold
opportunity to do what is right in a manner that is consistent with the faithful
citizenship of CALL and its membership,” said Garcia-Tuñon.

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