Letter from Visiting Seminarian Clay Ludwig

Published on Jun 13th, 2013 by Austin Keith | 0

Dear Parishioners of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton,

My name is Clay Ludwig and I am a seminarian, studying for the Catholic priesthood, for the Diocese of St. Augustine. For my summer assignment I have been assigned to this parish to work and learn from all of you. I am very blessed to be at a parish community that is as welcoming and active as this parish. It is with great joy that I am with you this summer!

Currently I am attending St. John Vianney College Seminary in Miami, FL. I have just completed my second year in seminary studying philosophy. In total I have seven more years to go before ordination. I have two more years at the college seminary pursing my bachelors of arts in philosophy before moving on to my studies in theology. It is a long journey, but it is one full of joy and an abundant of blessings.

I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL and my home parish is in Christ the King Church in Arlington. My parents nourished my faith ever since I was a child and I went to Christ the King elementary school. I thank God every day for my family and the faith they instilled in me. I attended Bishop Kenny High School where I graduated from the Class of 2011. It was during my junior year in high school when I felt in the silence of my heart that Christ might be calling me to the priesthood. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that God gave me the strength and courage to surrender myself to God’s will for my life. These couple years of seminary formation have been a tremendous blessing in my life and I am continuing to be formed fully into a man of Christ. I feel great peace and joy in where the Lord is leading me.

This Sunday’s Gospel provides us with a great example of God’s unending love for His people and His desire to heal us and meet us where we are at. In this Gospel Jesus seeks out a woman in sorrow and desires to heal her pain and bring her son back to life. In the same way today, Jesus the Son of God, continues to be present to us and desires to heal us. Let us this week open our hearts and minds to receive Christ’s healing presence in our lives in whatever situation we may face. Bring Him all your struggles and anxieties and He will give you the peace that only God can give. My brothers and sisters let us rejoice and give thanks to God for He is truly in our midst and desires to intervene in our lives!

During my eight week stay here, I look forward to meeting all of you and getting involved in this vibrant community. If there is anything I can do for you and to assist you in your ministry, please do not hesitate to ask me. Have a blessed week! God bless you and your families!

In His Love,

Clay Ludwig

-Seminarian of the Diocese of St. Augustine-