Mercy Minutes – A Year of Mercy Video Series

Published on May 19th, 2016 by Austin Keith | 3

Welcome to our first episode in a series of ten reflection produced yb the Office of Communications of the Diocese of St. Augustine for the Year of Mercy. In this episode, Father Richard Pagano, of our parish reflects on the idea of mercy versus compassion and how as Catholics we cans serve as God’s vessels of mercy in the world.


3 Comments on “Mercy Minutes – A Year of Mercy Video Series”

  1. I think the series is wonderful! I love the talk on mercy to remind us what can we do for our neighbor. I literally have a couple down the street that is having problems and I have been trying to figure what to do.
    I would suggest that you pull the camera back once in a while, as was done on Bishop Estevez’s Easter talk. Father Richard is very expressive with his whole being and that brings so much more feeling to the discussion of any topic! Thanks can’t wait for more! I always said Father Richard reminds me of Bishop Fulton Sheean!

  2. Janet Evarts says:

    Thank you for putting the information in the Sunday bulletin about Fr. Pagano’s Mercy Minutes! I sure miss his exhilarating homilies. Looking toward to all of the videos.

  3. Denyse Liberatore says:

    Thank you for posting this video on mercy. Let us remember the section on scriptures: Luke 6:36-38 – which by speaking out loud will remind each of us how important it is to be merciful.

    Also to love our neighbor as Jesus explained: Matthew 22: 37-39 – will also help each and everyone of us to focus on doing the Word of God.

    Yours in Christ.

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