Where Do You Fit?

As you can readily see, our ministries are not only numerous; they cover a wide range of both spiritual and practical missions so that you should find among those one or more you might have an interest in joining. You are urged to explore participation with the ones that catch your interest, as we have a need for all the help we can get to carry out our mission.

You may contact the person or persons listed as contacts, or complete the following form and drop it off at the rectory and someone will get back to you.  Of course, you can always check for the times and places of meetings in our Church bulletin. You are welcome to attend any meetings to determine your interest in membership.

Whatever method you chose to connect with our ministries, we cannot stress enough that your inclusion of them should prove to be well worth the effort, and personally rewarding to you and yours.

 “Don’t look for big things, just do small things with great love.”
Saint Teresa of Calcutta

If you want your dream to be,

Build it slow and surely.

Small beginnings greater ends.

Heartfelt work grows purely.


If you want to live life free,

Take your time go slowly.

Do few things but do them well.

Simple joys are holy.


Day by day, stone by stone,

Build your secret slowly.

Day by day, you’ll grow, too, You’ll know heaven’s glory.

San Damiano, by Donovan