Prayer and Devotional Groups

The Celebration of Virgin Mary

As a “Pueblo Mariano,” a Marian Community, and through multicultural celebrations of our Blessed Mother, we bring together people from different Latin American nations to learn and experience the variety of cultural traditions from them. A group from a different country represented in the Spanish Mass will plan and organize Marian celebrations in the traditions and culture of their native land, which may include processions praying the Rosary, folk lore dances and authentic foods after Mass in Seton Hall. Through our multicultural celebrations, we reach the whole community in an evangelical manner where all are welcome to participate.

Contact: Alba Dimas

Charismatic Prayer Group

This ministry features a group for English-speaking members, as well as another for those preferring the Spanish language. Our purpose is to form a closer relationship with God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – through prayer, praise, scripture reading, and sharing.
The English-speaking group meets every Thursday at 1:30 pm in the Russo Room.  All are welcome.  Our prayer meetings have the objective of furthering the message and service of Jesus Christ.

English language contact:  Betti Masi
Spanish language:  Lydia Figueroa


The Cursillo Movement is a movement of The Church and is an encounter with self, Christ and others. The name Cursillo is Spanish for short course, and is often associated with a three day weekend which is followed by weekly small group reunions and monthly Ultreya meetings (a Spanish word meaning to go forward or onward) that bring the small groups together to pray, read the Word of God, thus providing access to spiritual direction, and opportunity to share, inspire, and encourage one another to persevere in spiritual growth and dedication to God.

Contact:  Donna Langford; Alise McKinney: Marina Medina (Spanish coordinator)

Divine Mercy Cenacle

The Divine Mercy Cenacle is a devotion including sacred scripture and catechism.  The Cenacle is divided into two groups, one serving the Spanish-speaking members and the other features English as the prevailing language.

Contact:  Nestor & Fany Acosta

 Lectio Divina Group

The goal of this ministry is to incorporate the words of the Sunday Scripture into our everyday life.

Contact: Irma V. Catalan

Natural Family Planning

Its objective is to help couples space children by recognizing the natural cycles and signs of fertility that occur within the female body. Modern methods of NFP have an effectiveness that equals or exceeds the most popular artificial methods while being safer for the body and in conformity with the Catholic teaching. While the Diocese offers several methods of NFP, the method chosen at SEAS is the Billings Ovulation Method that is 99.4% effective in postponing pregnancy and has a high effectiveness rate for couples wishing to achieve pregnancy.

Parishioners are encouraged to learn and practice Natural Family Planning through the weekly bulletin and parish website.

Contact: David and Marcela Medina

Prayer Network

The Prayer Network receives prayer requests from ill parishioners or friends, via members of our Prayer Network Ministry.  In detail, each request is passed on from top to bottom via two telephone tree lists as well as emails from the editor.  The editor, in turn, maintains a master list which denotes the names and illnesses of the ill parishioners and issues a periodic memo to our members, providing updates to each of the ill person’s status.

Contact:  Joseph Bartolotta

Queen of Peace Prayer Group

The Queen of Peace Prayer Group gathers together every Tuesday morning after the 8:30 am Mass and The Miraculous Medal Novena in the Church.  They pray The Queen of Peace chaplet for the parish Priests, Deacons, Seminarians, the Bishop, The Pope, and all members of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish.

Contact:  Katherine Gribbin

Regina Pacis and Medjugorje Prayer Group

In response to frequent requests by Our Lady, Queen of Peace in her messages given at Medjugorje since 1981, this group was formed in 1989. Members are committed to living and spreading the messages of peace, reconciliation, and conversion through prayer, penance, and fasting. Shared publications and messages enable group members to reach out to similar groups around the world.

Contact:  Carole and Bob Storme

Rosary Cenacle Prayer Group

The Rosary Cenacle is in response to Our Lady’s call that was made in her messages to Fr. Gobbi.  In this ministry we say the fifteen decades of the rosary, pray for the Holy Father and his intentions, for priests, to end abortion, and for world peace. We then entrust ourselves in a special way to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, an example for all and a model of holiness.

Contact:  Marie Estabrook

Rosary Makers

The Rosary Makers of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton meets each Monday from 9:30 to 10:30 in the Russo Room to pray for priests, seminarians, and the sick, as well as individual personal intentions.

Contact:  Salud Gaoat

San Lorenzo Ruiz

San Lorenzo Ruiz devotees recognize that they are one community of believers to bear witness to our Catholic faith – by promoting our religious heritage, moral values and spirituality by a promotion of spiritual devotion and novena prayers to San Lorenzo Ruiz de Manila.  They engage in other religious activities, educational or charitable projects that provide opportunities for involvement and service and respond in a most compassionate way to the needs of those who bear hardships – the elderly, the sick and the suffering.

Contact:  Ofelia Miller

St. Padre Pio Prayer Group

Since August 1989, the St. Padre Pio Prayer Group has met monthly to pray for the spiritual needs of our times and to promote our spiritual growth in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, guided by the Pope and Magisterium.

They follow the general principles of St. Padre Pio’s spirituality.

Contact:  Hilda Rausini 

Sunday Scripture Prayer Group

Our mission is to bring and share God’s Word.  The three scripture passages for the upcoming Sunday are read aloud and then silently.  Participants share a word or phrase that stood out for them and a brief discussion follows.  This is not a study group, but a sharing of the Good News with fellow parishioners of how God continues to speak to us today through scripture.

The Sunday Scripture Prayer Group meets each Friday from 2:30 to 4:00 pm in the Rectory Meeting Room.

Contact: EvelynBirdsall/Pat Eccleston

Teams of Our Lady

Teams of Our Lady is a lay movement of “Married Spirituality” which brings together Christian couples united by the Sacrament of Marriage who wish, together, to deepen the graces of this Sacrament that has been officially recognized by the Holy See under the Pontifical Council for the Laity. It is a group of five to seven couples with a spiritual advisor that meets monthly to share, pray and discuss the challenges of living a Christian marriage and life, growing closer in love and faith, and discovering support for one another and for their marriages. We seek to share the gift of Teams and strengthen Christian marriages and welcome you to join us.

Contact: David and Marcela Medina