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Published on Jan 3rd, 2013 by Austin Keith | 0

Join Our Journey of Faith
A Year of Faith Pilgrimage is scheduled for Jan. 12

By Erin McGeever

A good way to refresh and promote the Catholic faith during this Year of Faith is to revisit our roots. It is easier to understand where we are now, by visiting the various historical sites of the Diocese of St. Augustine.

With this in mind, the first of what is hoped to be several Year of Faith pilgrimages in and around the Diocese of St. Augustine will occur on Saturday, Jan. 12. This pilgrimage will take in historical sites in the St. Augustine area and the southern part of the diocese. Stops include:
  1. Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine
  2. Mission Nombre de Dios & Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche
  3. The Mother House of the Sisters of St. Joseph
  4. St. Ambrose Parish, Elkton
  5. St. Mary Parish, Bunnell
  6. St. Monica Parish, Palatka
  7. St. Joseph Historical Church, Mandarin

At each stop, a short presentation will be given and the group will participate in prayer. Time is limited at each location due to schedules of the parishes and institutions. There will be some walking and climbing at each location. While the day is family friendly, it is also a long day lasting about 8 to 10 hours. Please keep these two items in mind when discerning whether this is an activity for you.

Each bus will have an official tour guide that will lead the day. A booklet will be given to each pilgrim. This booklet will provide in advance some of the history of each stop as well as other locations in the area that are not stops on this pilgrimage. There will be discussion and activities on the buses.

Three buses will be chartered for this pilgrimage. The buses will pick pilgrims up at three different locations that will be determined by the geographical areas that have the most pilgrims.  Pilgrims from St. Augustine will be asked to meet one of the buses at the Mission Nombre de Dios.

Tickets will be $30 and have just gone on sale. The ticket includes lunch and refreshments on the bus as well as the souvenir booklet. A total of 150 tickets will be sold. Contact Erin McGeever at emcgeever@dosafl.com or call (904) 262-3200, ext. 118 for tickets or information. Deadline for ticket purchase is Dec. 27 or whenever all tickets are sold prior to that date. [Click here] for a registration form for the pilgrimage.