Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time Reflection

Published on Aug 20th, 2011 by Austin Keith | 0

The very simple, direct question: “Who do people say that I am?” Most importantly, “Who do YOU say that I am?” People talk, they gossip, the speak callously about friends, family, anyone. Jesus was aware of the rumors and aspersions going around about Him. He knew that he was beloved as well as hated! Sadly, this seems to be our human condition. We often pass the time by maligning someone else. So Jesus cuts to the chase and asks those closest to Him,”What are they saying about me?”. What would your answer be? Who is Jesus to you? Do you fail to see Christ in those around you? Are you so busy “picking out” all the faults of your “friends” rather than seeing Christ in their individual struggles? We always want others to give us the benefit of the doubt, yet, we are the first to throw the stone! When Peter was face to face with Jesus, his great moment of enlightenment comes when Jesus looks into Peter’s heart in order to prepare Peter for his role in Salvation History. So, in the quietness of your heart, when it’s just you and God, and the Lord asks you, “Who do you say that I am?”, what would your answer be?

God Bless you,
Father John