2nd Sunday of Lent

Published on Mar 3rd, 2012 by Austin Keith | 0

In my younger years, even though I have a fear of heights, I went Para-sailing. As the boat
pulled me higher and higher into the air, very soon my absolute fear turned into utter
amazement. The absolute quiet of floating in the air high above the ground not only allowed me to see for miles but there was such a profound sense of peace; a sensation of being at one with God gazing down on a thousand of houses with as many swimming pools! Floating, with the only sound being that of the wind against the sails; a sense of being one between heaven
and earth. At that moment in time, I felt as if I could have remained there for the rest of my life. So one can only imagine how Simon Peter, James and John felt in the presence of the Lord high upon the mountaintop. Being there, seeing Isaiah and Moses. No wonder Peter wanted to pitch the tents and stay there forever. In his minds’ eye, why leave such holiness, such understanding in the midst of confusion, such peace. Yet, Jesus knew, even in His transfigured state, that His work was far from over and that His Cross awaited Him.

We are now at the second week of our Lenten journey and our work is not nearly finished.
We, as disciples so many years removed from the mountaintop, have to continue to pick up
our crosses and remain faithful. We still, have so much work to accomplish for the Kingdom of God. Yet God, in His infinite wisdom gives us moments in our lives that show a glimpse of what heaven is like, while being caught between the now and not yet, forces us to live lives of steadfast faith, much needed hope combined with constant prayer. Recognizing that there cannot be an Easter Sunday without the pain and reality of the Cross of Good Friday. One thing is certain; there can be no room for fear, for as St. Paul relates to us through his letter to the Romans: “If God is for us, who can be against us?” So we move forward in faith and absolute trust that God does deliver what He promises and that we, when it is our time will once again remain on the mountaintop with God, His angels and His saints.

God Bless,
Father John