Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time Reflection

Published on Aug 13th, 2011 by Austin Keith | 0

Can you just imagine…being so desperate-so in need of hope-you are willing to do anything…even daring to approach a ‘foreigner’ to save a life; a life of a child, your child. Yet, the mother in our Gospel today does just this; she begs on hands and knees. This Canaanite woman, long considered bother pagan and an ‘enemy’ knew that this man Jesus was the only One, the only Way that her daughter could survive. Politics, age-old prejudice, ways of her ancestors, they did not matter! She would ask and her faith would move the Lord, Jesus to heal her daughter.

The initial response of Jesus as well as His followers, while seeming prejudicial, actually fulfills St. Matthew’s basic theme that Jesus is sent first to recall, recover, rededicate the people of Israel; they are the lost sheep. However, when Jesus comes face to face with the faith of a mother’s love, then He is moved to pity. While enemies may not get along, the common bonds of love and family unite all mankind.

Let us pray that God may always allow us to overcome the prejudice of our eyes to see the magnificence of the human heart.

God Bless you, 
Father John