Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Published on Sep 22nd, 2012 by Austin Keith | 0

In this weekend’s readings we find a very challenging message. It seems that these readings a more challenging than most because they deal with the interior self. How do we act or respond to criticism or challenges that catch us when we are in the wrong. For most of us our first response is denial or to get angry. We say “how dare they” and can become incredulous. We must be mindful of our ways and how we live in this passing world. Last weekend we heard Jesus challenging Peter to think as God does, not as human beings do. This weekend drives that message home. In our first reading from Wisdom, we hear the wicked bemoaning the “just one” who challenges the wicked to look beyond their self-centeredness. In the second reading from James we hear the apostle warning the people that self-centeredness leads you down a dark and destructive road. Finally, in Mark’s gospel we hear Jesus setting before us the example of a child to be emulated. It is not about who is the greatest, but who is the least. As we go through this next week let us ask the Lord to help us become more aware of those areas in our lives where we need to grow in that childlike spirit.