Twenty-Second Sunday Reflection

Published on Aug 27th, 2011 by Austin Keith | 0

“God doesn’t give you any more than you can handle” How many times in our lives has someone said that to us? Crosses, we all have them: different shaped and sizes, but each of us has something in our lives that requires constant prayer and enduring patience. Sometimes our individual load becomes all patience. Sometimes our individual load becomes all too heavy! We even wonder if God thinks we are stronger then we think we are. But… we manage to get through. Barely? Maybe. But we still survive! For crosses require that we ‘forget’ ourselves and depend totally on the Lord Jesus. Crosses force us to get out of God’s way and let Him be our strength. Even when we fall (remember, jesus fell three times!). God enables us to climb up and begin again.

The Good News of today’s Gospel is that picking up our cross and following Jesus may turn our life upside down, but it will bring a peace and blessing we could never imagine or hope for…or ever imagined!

God bless you,
Father John