The Entry & Exit Doors

In keeping with the tradition of Ancient Judaism and because the Church building is itself a symbol of the Holy City Jerusalem- which had twelve gates; the church has twelve doors leading in or out of the structure-each named after a tribe. (You will note that there appears to be more than twelve doors but these doors not marked in Hebrew lead to the air conditioning service areas and not into the Church.)

Starting from the main entrance door closest to the street, they are named Simeon, Asher, Judah and Benjamin (directly under the bell tower) and Manasseh and Ephraim. The colonnade along the south wall covers the Zebulun and Naptholi doors while the Rueben door faces the Rectory. The north tower doors are named Gad, Dan and Issachar marks the north wall entrance. The door to the clergy sacristy off the gathering space is named after the priestly tribe of Levi which traditionally is mentioned as a tribe but had no territory of itself.