The Tabernacle

The tabernacle, which means “tent” stands four-feet tall, atop a pillar of marble which is at the top of three steps.  The tabernacle is the container for the Ark of the New Covenant- the Eucharist.  Inside this vaulted room,  space is set aside for quiet prayer and Eucharistic worship.  The Eucharist is housed in a bronze cylinder carved with the Greek symbols Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, as Jesus referred to Himself.  The Eucharistic pillar stands directly in the center of the room as a reminder that Eucharist is the heart and center of any parish. Near the tabernacle rests the incense stand.  Incense is an important element in Catholic worship as it was in Old Testament times.  The ten gold lamp-stands mentioned in 2 Chronicles are also present.